APUS LAUNCHER: Download Apus 1.8.9 / 1.8.6 APK Here


APUS LAUNCHER: Download Apus 1.8.9 / 1.8.6 APK Here

APUS launcher is an android application that belongs to the group of APUS group. It was released in July last year and is accessible in several languages including English, Arabic, German, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, Italian and Vietnamese. This application is user-friendly and it can simply be downloaded from Google play store from your android Smartphones.

Using APUS launcher, you can use come across a variety of applications and websites effortlessly through APUS mobile search, save your battery life and personalise your home screen according to your convenience. You can Download the latest Apus Launcher 1.8.9 from below link and can also check this application for Google Play Store.


APUS launcher offers several features like-

  • It can expediently trace any kind of application.
  • It cleans your device and helps to boost the speed of your device and you can switch between games and apps quicker than ever.
  • It acts as a reminder of your important dates and upcoming events.
  • It boosts up the battery life of your smartphone.
  • It offers variety of themes and gives a fresh look to your phone with attractive and trendy wallpapers.
  • It comes with a swipe feature that helps you to speedily find all the recently used apps.
  • It provides startling transition effects which helps you to flip through consecutive screens smoothly.



This app brings the most excellent instinctive feature to its users all around the world. When you first go through APUS launcher just after you download it, it reorganizes your home screen and exhibits the apps you use the most. It comes up with a rarely used file where you can drag and drop the app shortcuts which you use hardly ever.

It automatically gives an iOS look to al the icons available in your device. You can always change the style of your icons back to the original ones if you are not acquainted with the new designs.

Although it comes with its own search option but interestingly it also allows you to set Google as your default search engine. All you need to do is to choose another default search engine and click on the search option. When a small APUS logo appears on the left, you just have to choose a search engine of your choice from the menu.

APUS launcher is your problem solver when you need to rearrange your phone settings. You can always shift your apps to an application drawer if you want to find them easily. As a whole, it is a must have app for your smartphones.

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