The Android apps are the most important ones that are helping to fetch each and every need in the present day. The needs are endless.  The expectations are endless. So, there is always a requirement to bring newer changes in these apps to provide the best results to the users. For this important feedback, there is a necessity of Android Review sites to put to use all the valuable feedback in the Android app versions.


There are a number of apps that are listed under “Android”. These apps have plenty of features that become too useful for the users. The Android app is built for the mobile devices and there are some other versions that can be used on tablet PC to be run on Android OS. The facilities of the apps are increasing to facilitate a steep increase in its use. The software “Android” comprises of key applications besides just being software. They are all based on ARM architecture. They are fully available to be used on mobiles.


The feedback that is necessary for the improvements in the Android developments is collected in the reviews sites. These are needed to maintaining the reputation of the app. After analyzing the useful feedback strategies for their development are taken. The reviews are important for competition. The users are always requested to leave some feedback on the use of the apps. But it is a matter of regret, that some users do not bother about sending the reviews and just simply uninstall the app.

There is also a scheme of buying the reviews. Based on the ratings, the app developers can create new platforms to enhance the speeds, features and fix almost any problem. It is necessary for the developers to buy the reviews from the trusted websites. There are a number of websites that help in delivering useful and trusted feedback to the developers for further improvements.

Eminent Android App review sites:

  • AppFlillip-

This is one of the best ones which allows the user to submit reviews regarding an app. This website is a great one for specializing the marketing, setting the strategies for the apps, allows monetization as well as the optimization of the store.

  • AndroidTapp-

This is yet another app that has all the latest news and updates on the apps that are based on final recommendations from the developers. The reviews, benefits of the Android Apps, the mobile-friendly facilities are all dealt in a single page in this website which also includes the pricing scheme for the apps.

  • AppBrain-

The details in this review website are dealt in the form of the catalogs so that the user can browse through it easily. They give some of the latest reviews and important tips with all the pricing schemes. This app can be a great one to instantly share the additional features with the friends.

  • AndroidLib-

This is well known to be a top website which is a storehouse of all the latest reviews and the features of the websites. There are also some useful tips about the functioning of the apps. This website has an additional feature of “being browsed” which includes all the most popular features engaged in the app.

There is many other similar app review websites that help in getting information in a laid out and database format. The screenshots in these review sites become an additional benefit for the user to gather valuable information.


So, it is a good idea to go through the reviews well before installation of the apps. The competitive studies that are dealt in the Android Review websites are too good to give a right decision about which app will suit the needs of the user.


5 Reasons to Use Node.js for Web Application Development

As web application development has reached its peak in being an important aspect of organizational development, the Node.js software has become an indispensable web application development services provider that allows for a number of advantages including high speed execution, easy code sharing, no translation of code, real time running and general appeal, making it an ideal software solution for aspiring industry leaders. This elaborate, consistent and hassle free software is the way to go due to these as well as additional advantages, as it allows organizations to grow and develop a competitive edge in an increasingly internet technology- oriented industry.

More and more web developers around the world today have turned towards the Node.js software as a solution to their web application development needs. Yet, the level of awareness when it comes to the fact that the Node.js development services have helped several businesses create successful web applications is surprisingly low. There is no denying the truth of the statement, however, that Node.js web development services is a coveted software solution across industries.

Node.js functions as a platform that not only hosts a user-friendly interface but also allows swift communication between a user and the system. It facilitates easy communication through which companies and clients can exchange useful information- for example, the promotion and sales of products.

Innostax is one of the certified Angular JS web application development companies offering premium Node.js web development services. We develop services and packages which are efficient, fast-performing and customized according to the clients’ requirements along with offering the basics of a Node.js web solution.

Here are the top 5 reasons to use Node.js for web application development:

  1. High speed execution

Node.js web application development services are based on JavaScript, which ensures quick and easy execution, thus maximizing efficiency. Further, it also supports the feature of handling multiple requests from the clients as well as other businesses without having to compromise on the quality of the website experience. This is also beneficial if you consider the significantly lower memory usage for this software.

  1. Ease of sharing code

With Node.js, any web application development company facing issues with the set-up of the software has the option of contacting the Node Development Manager for assistance, making the process hassle free.

  1. Translation free

Due to the fact that Node.js uses the JavaScript for its execution, it also means that that user web application development company has no translations to make while programming on the server, as well as with the client. This makes it a far more lucrative web application development solution.

  1. Appeal across industries due to enhanced security

Node.js has an across the board appeal due to the fact that it is easier to learn. One of the major reasons for its mass appeal comes back to the fact JavaScript is not only well-known but also offers enhanced security for all the data.

  1. Real-time running

None of the web application development services available match Node.js’s ability to cater to the running applications in real-time, which makes it even more efficient.

Surely, aspiring industry leaders need to take note of the Node.js service pronto, given its many and varied benefits!