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Buy the Best Phone Device Unlock APP for T-mobile Online

The Unlocking Company

For those of you on the T-mobile network and can’t use your phone on other network because of it being network locked we found a service for that.  Please check out the company page for additional information here: https://theunlockingcompany.com/


T-Mobile Device Unlock APP

As many have painfully discovered already, even if you install a custom ROM, and are able to get an unlock prompt from the phone, the code you buy over the internet will not work.

The T-mobile phones can only be unlocked via the T-Mobile Unlock APP which comes on the stock T- Mobile Rom under the T-Mobile Folder that comes with the phone [bloatware].

Working Bypass for The T-Mobile Unlock App

You are best option to bypass the t-mobile unlock app  is to go through an online site to unlock your device remotely.  They will be able to make the UNOFFICIAL request through the T-Mobile app itself and in a short time you will have the phone network unlocked remotely with no need to enter in any codes.   If you have done it, feel free to leave a comment below.